For more than 30 years Fiorentino Bros. Contracting has worked collaboratively with the local First Nation communities within the Ktunaxa Nation (pronounced tun-AH-hah) and its governing body – Ktunaxa Nation Council as well as with the local aboriginal people throughout its land use projects.


For over three decades FBC has broadened the capacity of Ktunaxa and aboriginal employees by involving them in all facets of road development and construction as well as an array of diverse, integrated land-use projects.


FBC's main operating area falls within the Traditional Territory of the Ktunaxa Nation which covers approximately 70,000 square kilometres (27,000 mi2) within the Kootenay region of southeastern BC. In the East Kootenay, three of the four member communities of the Ktunaxa Nation include the Tobacco Plains Indian Band at Grasmere, the St. Mary's Indian Band at Cranbrook and the Akisqnuk First Nation at Windermere.


In one of FBC's earlier projects, a number of First Nations members of the St. Mary's Band were involved in development of the City of Cranbrook effluent irrigation project between 1978 and 1984. In this project, along with several general workers, First Nations employees were also trained in specific skills such as grader operators and truck drivers.


In more recent years, First Nation's members - even some second generation members continue to train with FBC in trades ranging from welders to heavy equipment operators. Fiorentino Bros. Contracting is proud to have the opportunity to train and work with the First Nations People and look forward to continuing future relationships.

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